Welcome to the Bee Hive

First, thanks for reading!

Now… I named this bloggy The Bee Hive Mutter for a few reasons:

1) The Bee Hive, back in the early 1900, was an establishing for women to not only shop for dry goods, clothing, and home-goods, but also a gathering place where stories, and home-made items were traded. Also noted, it was on East Trade Street, downtown Charlotte.) This little bloggy will hopefully accomplish the same shenanigans some of these women found themselves getting into.

2) With everything we have going on at our house sometimes it really does feel like a beehive. Sometimes I think we need more worker bees to keep it clean…

3) Mutter: Defined as ” To say something in a low or barely audible voice”, also reminded me of the bees. In addition Mutter is also the German word for Mother. And yes, my Little Sweety is part German, as her father was born in Dusseldorf Germany.

Hope you keep reading follow this bloggy!



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