Flex + Fit

Looking to tone + sculpt?

I just tried my first “Air Fitness Class”, where you hang from the ceiling while working on your core and upper body! Sound hard? …. it was!

The room was full of what they call “hammocks”, read this as “long pieces of handing silk”.

Naturally, I convinced  my cousin Nikki to try this new exercise with me for the first time. Looked like fun, why not?

After getting a good stretch on our yoga mats, it was time to get going on the silks.





Here I am, doing some sort of upside down move. It really does feel great on the lower back.

In this one, I was simply pulling myself from the floor to into the silk. Look easy? … guess again!






After several attempts, I finally made it into the “harness” pose.

(Note: this does not feel good and was not easy. However, Nikki got this one on the first attempt… what a rock star!)





By far, this was the hardest move I did all day! Not only did this work the outside leg muscles, but also the feel muscles, core, and arms.

I almost fell out of the silk several times on this one, although I’m making it look easy here.

After a full hour of holding myself in the air, my arms were ready for a break.



This was such a great class, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is good for a good stretch, to build upper body strength, to laugh and have fun!

See you at Flex + Fit next Tuesday!


*** Favorite quote of the night, “Now, lets go back to that relaxing plank” (Instructor) ***

Hahaha…yeah right, relaxing!


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