{You Can} DIY Art Project for Tots

DIY Art Project for Tots: Easy, Fun, and Affordable!

What you need:

– Painters tape (or any other fun colorful tape you have around the house)

– Clear contact paper

– Scrap paper (we used magazines, but you could use old tissue paper, newspaper comics, fall leaves, or anything else you have around the house.)


Prep (5 minutes):

1) Tape contact paper, sticky side up, to table or floor with painters tape (so not to hurt finish)

2) Cut or rip scrap paper and put into small plastic dish (to keep organized)

* Try cutting/ripping the paper into smaller pieces for older tots, and larger pieces for younger tots or a mixture of both


Activity (30 minutes):

1) Sit tot at table with contact paper and let them add scraps to paper as they feel.

(Sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way. “Good job!” or “You did it!”)

2) Use this as a learning activity by asking tot to find a scrap with a particular color or pattern.


Wrapping it up (5 minutes):

1) When lunch is ready, or interest is lost… just peel up the contact paper!

2) Add a second sheet of contact paper on top to keep all the scraps inside.

3) Use same painter tape to make a fun frame around the edges and you are done!


We like to hang ours on the refrigerator so Kendall can point at her art, but here are some other fun suggestions:

– Mail it to “Grammy” with a little note inside the art (you will have to add this before the second layer on contact paper)

– Use it as a place-mat… when it gets too gross just make a new one

– Roll it up using a piece of the same painter tape to hold it tight… makes a great tooting-horn for tots to sing into while marching around the house (Adds another 15 minutes to your activity!)


Have fun!




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