The Paper Mama: Self Photo Challenge!

Linking up with The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge!

Note: This is my first “linking up” experience… hope it goes well!

For anyone who knows me, the photo above really isn’t a “self-photo” but more of a “self-personality-photo”. Kind of wild, out of control, do anything in the moment – self-personality.



Obsessing over: New new Bloggy! I’m in amazement with the world of bloggers. It really is like its own community. The more I read, the more impressed I have become. How do they do it…. sponsorship’s, 1000 + subscribers, Free giveaways? I totally want that {someday}. I don’t have enough time, or energy right now… maybe after #2 is here.

Working on: Baby #2. Yes, it’s only been 7 months of trying but we are both ready again. Kendall (almost two now) would love a little sibling to love on and all over.

Thinking about: How I need to keep working out and loose these last 9 pounds. I have myself till mid March do it, but I’m not so sure its going to happen.

Anticipating: Our 5 year Anniversary date tonight. It’s a surprise… which I love and hate at the same time!

Listening to: Zumba music… My new jam is Pegate by Grupo Treo!

Eating: Lots of Salads lately. After my run-in with the {Un-nammed} chicken nugget photo, I just can’t bring myself to eat a lot of processed food. And NEVER again, a chicken McNugget.

Wishing: All my friends a great weekend!




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