Kids Consignment Shopping!

I LOVE consignment shopping – well and saving money! With Stephan in school getting his MBA, and all our normal expenses, it is nice to save a buck or two here and there. Plus, kids really don’t wear the same size for more than 6 months!

Check out all the things I got this weekend for only $17.25

– 5 pairs of shorts

– 4 shirts

– 2 dresses

– 1 pair carpi pants (NEW)

– 8 books

– 1 pair shoes (NEW)

– 1 “Tickle the Big” book (NEW)

– V-Day Bag (NEW)

Total: 23 pieces (Which comes to $0.75 each)

*** Most church and organization consignment sales happen 2 times a year (one for spring/summer and the other for fall/winter. Do you research on-line to find out who has the biggest and best sales!***

 Here are a few of my favorite tips for consignment shopping: 

Before you leave the house…

– Go with a set amount to spend, say no more than $20, and have it in cash (easy for checking out)

– Find out what you need… for example “we need shorts for the summer time”

– Find out when the Half Price sale starts! Most of the time they open in the morning (and you can pay to get in early), then after lunch they close the floor and open it to the Half Price sale.

When you get there…

– Shop in this order: Clothes, shoes, books, toys

– Only pick up items that are $3 or less

– Only pick up items that are Discounted (for the Half Price Sale) This will be indicated on the card attached to the item!

– Look for brands that you know are high quality and will hold up like oshkosh b’gosh, polo, Gynboree…

– Shoes MUST BE NEW… or so lightly worn that you can see footprints inside of shoes or dirt/marks on the soles

– No rips, stains, or holes

– Look for outfits that come together (shirt/shorts or dress/bloomers)

– Books should not be colored in or ripped. You can find a lot of new books!

– Toys: MUST have all parts. These are great to save for special Holidays (especially around the end of the year, when money is tight)

Checking out and going home:

– Most of the times, the cash line is the shortest and moves the fastest

– Wash everything when you get home and before wearing

Size: I try to get one size up in clothing and shoes, but you know your child best! Here are the shoes I got for Little Sweetie:

Just a little big, but will be just right in a month or two! Just in time for the warm spring weather!

Thanks for reading and good luck consignment shopping!



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  1. Ready to start:

    Join me at the TTB KidZ Consignment Sales on Sunday, March 11th, 2012!
    Half Price Sale is ALL day Sunday!

    Metrolina Tradeshow Expo Charlotte, NC

    This is a big one… check out the photos!

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