A Closet Full and Nothing to Wear

I think I have been in a fashion rut for the last 27 years… well at least since college, and when I started dressing myself. [Read here: I went to a Catholic school and wore a uniform up until leaving for school.] My college roommate did a pretty good job not letting me leave the dorm looking like a hot mess, but now that I’m a busy workn’ mom my inner fashionista is… so far in, that I can’t even find her.

So true, I have a closet full and noting to wear…

Do you still have clothes from when you were in college, or BC (before child)? I like to think of these pieces as “Classic”, but I know my old roommate is shaking her head with that disappointed look.

I think its time for a clean out and major do-over for my wardrobe.  Here are a few things I want to try:

1) Red Lipstick: A true power statement here. Wear red lipstick to make you feel confident, in control, and bold. Yes, yes, and yes! Will totally try!

2) Skinny Jeans: I own a pair and have only worn them once… with boots. Oh, this silly fashion statement is taking over. My sister talked me into getting a pair, but I’ll have to grow a pair before I actually leave the house in them.  I know… i just need to find the right shoes…

3) Statement Necklace: This might be something I could make! Better yet, On-A-String creates unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. I must make that a stop on the way home!

4) More Color: I have a plethora of white, black, and gray tops, pant, sweaters, scarves. It’s time to add some color, and patterns. Maybe mix and match for a wild look. Heard orange is the next big color (for Spring 2012)… you heard it here first!

5) Off the shoulder shirt: How cute are these? This is a must try for this summer!


What are you going to try? Leave your tips below!

On a budget like me? I’ll be springing looks for less and can’t wait to share!

– Leslie


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  1. Red lipstick and an off the shoulder shirt please!

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