Double Days

Yesterday, was what I like to call a “Double Day” where not one, but two good things happen. In my recent post, here, I blogged about a few things I wanted to try adding to my wardrobe. Since off the shoulder shirts would not be appropriate for work, I went with adding more color. Typically, I would have gone with with black skirt and blazer, but I switched it up adding a lime green cardigan. I love this color… but never wear it!

This conference was held at the Panthers Stadium. Now, I have been here a handful of times but never in the Silver Sky-boxes (I heard these are for Players wives and families.) But this was not the cool factor for the day… Armanti Edwards was the VIPP (very important Panther’s player) chosen to sign autographs at this event. Now… maybe you have not heard about Armanti, but he’s a big deal. First, Armanti played football for Appalachian State… big deal for the guy who lead the Mountaineers to consecutive NCAA Division I Football Championships (FCS).

Also, Armanti was drafted to the Panther’s the night I was in labor with Kendall. True story: I called my father the morning after Kendall was born because the nurse could not get me a copy of the newspaper and I had to find out if Armanti was drafted to the Panther’s or if it was just a great dream. After asking him to get out of bed, find the newspaper and call me back he said, “Well, I guess Kendall was born?”  … “Oh ya, old news Dad.”

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