I know this documentary came out sometime in 2008, but I just got around to watching it for the first time last night. Wow, if you have not seen it, pick up a copy on a lazy rainy day.

Food for Thought:

  • The top 5 beef companies in 1970 controlled about 25% of the beef industry, now, in 2009, the top 4 beef companies control +80% of the entire industry.
  • Many factories of food produce that source out to many brands are actually all owned just by a few conglomerates who control all the regulating and get all the profit while consumers suffer health problems, environmental problems, as well as societal and economic problems.
  • Chicken and other birds are grown and slaughtered at half the time as compared to 50 years ago, but are twice as large. Due to more consumers preferring white meat, they re-engineered the chicken to grow breasts twice as large. The supporting argument from one farmer was that, “Why would you grow a chicken in 3 months, if you can do it in 49 days?” in reference to farming genetically modified birds.
  • In 1996, 2% of U.S. soybeans contained a patented gene from Monsanto. In 2008, 90% contained Monsanto’s patented gene. 90% of U.S. soy product is genetically modified and the industry is controlled by one company! It is insanely unfair and unjust!
  • A measure was presented in California to label cloned foods and GMO foods as such, that was passed, but then Governor Arnold Schwarzeneger vetoed this! (75% of all supermarket food is GMO!)


Big Corporations try to hide certain mass food production secrets from the end user, monopolizing on the false imagery of farm houses next to green pastures to market their products. But, we have the right to know where our food comes from, and what ways will it’s processing affect us, positively or negatively… but do you really want to know?

After watching the way the chickens were raised in dark, non vented, dirty pins where they can can only take a few steps to due to lack of room, and their legs not being able to support their own weight, it’s hard to continue watching this documentary.

Any if that does not upset you, how about the cows that are covered in their own feces, slaughtered, and hung to be cut, and then washed with ammonia to kill at the bacteria. The employees to have these job often get infections under their nails from the bacteria in the meat, causing them to split away from their fingers. They get covered in blood, guts, urine and feces all day. What’s most upsetting is that most of these employers know that they can’t afford to leave so the companies pray on this fact to keep them in their positions. (Which, I might add, the companies are going across the borders to bus in illegal immigrants… what?)

Now, I don’t want to tell you about the whole documentary, so you will have to check it out your self. But here is the positive message at the end the film:

  • Buy from companies that treat workers, animals and the environment with respect
  • When you go to the Super Market choose foods that are in season, buy foods that are organic
  • Know what is in your food, read labels, know what you buy
  • The average meal travels 1500 miles from the farm to the super market, buy locally grown food and shop at farmer’s markets – Plant a garden (even a small one)
  • Cook a meal with your family and eat it together,  everyone has a right to healthy food
  • Ask the school board to provide healthy lunches
  • The FDA and USDA are supposed to protect you and your family, tell congress to enforce food safety standards and reintroduce Kevin’s Law
  • If you say grace, ask for food that will keep us, and the planet healthy


It’s not just about changing our actions, but also changing our thoughts. Yes, I really want to buy the perfectly shaped tomato, that is always red, but I know that the one with spots, a few bug bits, and odd shape is my healthier choice.

Confession: I have never bought meat from a farmers market, honestly it kind of grosses me out, but I’m going to try it. At least I’ll know it was not feed antibiotics up the waa-zoo!


Thanks for reading, post below if you have any comments!





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