DIY Wine Bottle Project – FAIL

Idea: Cut three wine bottle at different heights,  paint, fill with coffee beans and vanilla candles to make a cool coffee table center piece.

Step 1: Cut/ break wine bottle in half

You Tube must have 30 uploads on how to cut/ break a wine bottle in half using a string, fingernail polish remover, and ice water. I think I watched at least 25 of them.  Here is the run down:

Take string and soak in fingernail polish remover, wrap around wine bottle (where you want it to break), light it on fire, dunk into ice water still it breaks.

I tried this over 50 times, and out of all 50 times, I only got one one wine bottle to break. What was the secret… I have no idea. [FAIL]

Have you done this before? Post any comments below. I’ll try again this weekend and let you know how things go!


Thanks for reading,





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