A Little Lent Here, A Little Lent There

I typically try to stay away from politics and religion in general conversations because 1) I don’t have a vast knowledge of either, and 2) I don’t want to offend anyone. But, since I grew up Catholic and want to raise my child to also be Catholic (till she chooses otherwise), I decided to take her to Ash Wednesday Mass last night.

I have been thinking about  what to give up for Lent. First I was thinking sweets, or soft drinks, or fast food or coffee… all which I should be doing anyways, but who has time as a working mother? So, this year instead of  giving up something, I thought that I try to add something or rather take time out to do something extra.


• Fast with one full meal, no snacks one day a week


• End each day by reciting a simple prayer with Kendall


• Forgive, compliment, or thank  someone everyday


What are you doing for Lent? You don’t observe Lent… maybe a good time to evaluate yourself, regain some control over your life.  (Sometimes when life gets too busy with all thinks Kendall, work, Stephan in school, the dogs, making appointments, bills, and who-knows-everything-else I need a little “me time” to regain that control. You?)


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