Weekend Review

WOW… what a GREAT weekend!

Just thought I would share some fun facts and pictures, here we go:

Saturday started off with our usual, Stephan went to school and Nikki and I headed off to Zumba! We were going to do a double Zumba day with 2 classes but were sooo tired after the first class that we decided to call it a day. Well… we went to Cracker Barrel instead.

Anyone with a child knows naps are God sent, for baby and Mommy. Would have been great if Kendall would have slept more than 30 minutes… we had a long day to look forward to! So, after Kendall’s “nap”, we headed off to see our friend Megan at The Belligerent Baker and pick up our  Peppermint Delight and Prosecco Onslaught with Raspberry Prosecco iced cupcakes! Whaaaat, never had alcohol-infused cupcakes? You must try these!

One would not think the day could get better… but it did when I got my new iPhone 4S. (Insert big smiley face here!)

After we all got home, Kendall, Stephan and I spent quality time running errands. First Kendall and Daddy got passport pictures made (Side note: Kendall and I may be going to visit Taylor in Italy this summer… more to come). Daddy needed new shoes, so Mommy got 2 pairs too! Then we all had sushi for dinner… Yummy!)

Saturday night was Megan P.’s Birthday Party… cupcakes + alcohol + party bus + dancing = FUN

Linking up with Harper’s Happening:  Steppin’ Out Saturday 2.25.12

More blurry pictures here of Megan’s Big-Bus-Birthday-Bash (Or at least the ones appropriate for this website)

Sunday Funday: After wrapping up with Megan’s party at 4am, it was time to head home, get a little sleep… but be up by 7:30am to take Stephan to the airport. I was so excited for Sunday because it was our Mommy Group’s 3X Baby Sprinkle!

Yeah! Congratulations to Meghann, Liz, and Tamara who are expecting baby #2 in March or April!

Kendall and I ended our weekend with some much needed dress up and down time the the dogs. This was the perfect end to the perfect weekend:

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Leslie! Glad the cupcakes were a success 🙂

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