Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave!

Sooo… this weekend I did some cleaning out and found 13 pairs of pants that just had to GO! Yes, they were old, torn up knees and cuffs, but that’s not why I’m getting rid of them! (Its the jeans you have worn for years that feel the best… I know you know what I’m taking about!)

Although hard to give up my favorite blue jeans, the decision was easy… THEY WERE ALL TOO BIG!

Yes, I’m only about 9.5 pounds away from my pre-pregnant weight, and feel great! You all know it’s been a big struggle loosing the almost 50 pounds I have gained during pregnancy and the year after Kendall was born. yep, that’s right, I gained another 25 or so pounds in Kendall’s first year. Talk about a total gross feeling!

Tonight, I’m packing all these pants away. I just can’t give them up all together cause I know I’ll need them again one day when expecting #2! But for now… “buuu bye pants”!

Proud Mommy Moments: 

1) Obviously, getting down to the next size in pants!

2) On Saturday Kendall decided to drink out of a big girl cup all alone, her choice… and did not spill juice down her face or outfit! Yeah!!! Shout out to Nikki for giving Kendall her OJ at breakfast… you rock!


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