Mak’n the Bacon… and cooking it too!

I’m busy!

As a full time slave employee, and full time mommy, it’s hard to find enough time to cook, clean the house and do the dishes. But we manage… kind of. I have been real slack about getting the dishes done right after a meal, but they can wait till tomorrow. Sometimes I start laundry at night after Sweetie has gone to bed, and then finish in the morning before she gets up! You do what you have to, to survive.

I’ve been feeling a little crummy about the time I’ve spent with Sweetie lately. Mostly because I’ve been working late, trying to keep the house together, and just {ubber} tired. Which means, I’ve let Kendall talk to herself in the car while I listen to music, and entertain herself with books and toys as I finish sending out emails, or read other blogs. Not the best parenting, I admit. But, I’ve been buried under work, and that’s how I’ve been able to manage. You have been there… right? Maybe you don’t have a kid, but I bet you have felt that stress around other things going on in your life… right?

You have to take time for yourself.  I must say this all the time to my other stressed out friends… cause its true! If you are going to try to make everyone else around you happy, than you have to be happy first! I think I do a pretty good job of working out (all two days a week I get), and being able to read a book (when I’m not too tired) at the end of the day. Mad props to the Mommy’s who are helping two kids with homework, while cooking dinner and feeding a third child, all while cleaning dishes, and packing lunch boxes and book-bags till 11pm! I’m sure their Mommy time is down to just the 5 hours a sleep they get at night!

I hope that all my readers will take sometime this week to have some  much needed “You Time”! Tonight after I cook dinner, and put Sweetie to bed, I think I’ll paint my toe nails (yeah, treat)!

Here are a list of my favorite “Me Time” activities:

  • Read (just started The Hunger Games… a must read if you have not)
  • Zumba (if you can get out of the house… more to come about my love for this!)
  • Invite a friend of come over for some grown up chat (and wine)
  • Take a long relaxing bath before bed time
  • Creative outlet (try a new DIY project or recipe)
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee or latte at your favorite cafe while surfing the internet, or getting together with a friend
  • Just sit in the sun (maybe not this one during the winter)
  • Try something new (this month I’m doing a 50 story climb to the top of the Duke Energy Building… more on that to come)
  • Redbox movie with popcorn
  • Re-arrange your furniture (not only is it a good workout, but will also help things feel new and fresh in your house)
  • Shop for something you want (not need)

Now you have no excuse. Please let me know if you have other “Me Time” favorite things that others might like to try!

Thanks for reading,


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