We are going to have another baby!

I just went to the midwife today, who confirmed that we are indeed prego… about 5 weeks, and 2 days (but who’s counting)! Everything looked great and we are scheduled to have our first ultra sound next Thursday.

Also, for all those interested my beautiful mid-wife does not approve of being on the WHOLE30, so I’ll have to stop that for now. My update from that is that it was working… I lost about 4.5 pounds since I started and know I would have lost more if I kept with it! I’m still planning on eating very healthy, and keeping up with my high fiber foods!

I’ll also still continue to do Zumba, however I have to purchase some sort of heart monitor to make sure my heart rate does not go over 160. That seams sort of low, but the rule is the rule.

I’m going to change my weekly Thursday “Whole30” posts to “Baby#2” posts.

Taken at 3 weeks – no bump (duhh)

All else is great here, thanks for reading!




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  1. Congratulations and Happy weekend wishes xo

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