Wordless{ish} Wednesday – Two Cute


Little Sweetie with Mommy’s sunglasses and Grammy’s reading glasses. 

(Daddy’s Birthday Dinner @ The Palm)

I wish I could have posted more over the last few days, but have been stuck in puke purgatory. You know, that place right between puking and not-puking (where you just sit in the bathroom hoping to get sick so you can move on with your life). Although, not really much easier the first go round – at least I did not have an almost 2 year old fussing, kicking, screaming, and pulling at my legs to pick her up (again – all while pray to the porcelain god).

Naturally, you can imagine that things have been not so exciting around the house. However, we did go out for Stephan’s Birthday! This was extra special because Stephan’s Grandfather was in town from Indiana! Kendall had a blast with Grandfather, although she calls him PawPaw (like my Grandfather…hehehe). More pictures to come!

As always, thanks for reading!

PS – I’m going to pray for my friends are don’t have kids yet, because I’m sure after reading this post you might want to postpone another 5 years.

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  1. Haha!! LOVE this pic! Made me smile b/c that is what I do at night when I am reading a book and then wanting to glance at the TV if American Idol or The Voice is on!! 🙂 She’s adorable! Happy Spring!

  2. That’s a super cute photo!

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