Baby #2 Update

What in the world is that blurry thing? Totally looks like my baby!

So, obviously we had our first ultra sound today at 6weeks, 4days. Thank goodness only one baby and one healthy baby at that! Everything was going great till the ultrasound nurse found….

Two giant growths on my right ovary!

Naturally, I was worried about the baby, then myself. What are they? How big are they? Is this why it took 8 months to get pregnant? The conclusion is that they (not my normal midwife and her nurse) are not worried about it. They say this happens sometimes in pregnancy, and they the should shrink up.  Yep, I’m not convened by her tone… so I scheduled a follow up with my amazingly awesome midwife who will give it to me straight. She is planning on doing a follow up ultrasound at 14 weeks to check the growths to see if they have gotten smaller, followed by blood-work and the sorts.

So, we will just sit here and wait…. and wait… and wait.

Thanks for reading,


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