Race To The Top

We did it!

That’s me: #388

This year over 510 racers climbed to the top of the Duke Energy Building. That’s 50 flights or 1,194 stairs! Proceeds for this charitable event went to benefit the Levine Children’s Hospital here in Charlotte. (What a great cause!) Again, I can never express how grateful I am to have a healthy child (even if she puts on a temper-tantrum show every morning and refuses to go to bed every night).

So, despite being 7 weeks pregnant and still feeling nauseous we made it to the race and all the way to the top.  I could bailout on the 14th, 26th, or 34th but I made it to the 50th floor. Thank goodness for my cousin Nikki who encouraged me to do the best I could – and said she would meet me at the top!

Here is a pictures of some climbers waiting to race – or who have just finished! It does not look too busy, but it was!


One of my favorite parts was watching the climbers. They had a camera recording each climber starting the race (one ever 15 seconds), one at the 10th floor, the 26th floor, and then the 50th floor! Here it is:

My goal was to finish in under 22 minutes – accomplished – ran up in 14:05! I’m so proud of my cousin Nikki who make it up in 11:14 (I think she could do under 10minutes next year!) I guess you will have to keep reading to find out!

Thanks for reading,


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  1. You are insane! But I love you 🙂

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