Thinking about you Baby!

Hello morning sickness – I have not missed you!

Last night I was graced by the presence of morning sickness. (Insert sarcastic “Yeah” here). Not just once, but on 4 separate occasions. So I get up out of bed, physically getting sick, brush teeth, drinking water, and then having to crawl back into bed without waking husband and two dogs also sleeping in the bed.  Yeah, two hours of sleep, then we get to do it all over again!

I knew this time would come. I started this whole routine when I was pregnant with Kendall right around 6 weeks, and it did not stop till almost 18 weeks. So, here we are in week 7 and its soooo much worse this time around! Did I just forget how bad this part was or is it really worse this round?

Anyways, this post is really not about morning sickness, but I was thinking about while trying to fall back asleep. You see, once you are wide awake it take a while to get back into sleepy mode and fall asleep, and to keep my mind off that horrible feeling in the stomach (with creeps up my throat) I decided to start thinking about baby names. Of course, we don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or girl… but it’s fun to think about! I mean… this is the name of your child. They will write it on every art project, paper, or assignment for school, use it on college applications, and job applications, and well…. Everything! It’s kind of a big deal.

I love unique names… maybe not bizarre names, where people name their kids after fruits, or furniture, but just unique names or names less common. However, Stephan is the complete opposite, and prefers more traditional names.

So, let me back up a bit to baby #1’s name. we had our gender revel ultrasound done late in the year, but waited to Christmas morning to open the envelope to find out what it was going to be… boy or girl. Now, I would have put $1000 bucks on boy – boy-o-boy was I wrong. It was clear as day, we were having a little girl! What happened to my motherly instinct? Fifty-fifty chance did not work out that time. Right then and there I knew that little girls name would be Kendall. Hands down, no questions asked… Kendall WAS GOING TO BE HER NAME. Growing up I had a little baby doll whose name was Kendall, and I loved and loved on that baby till I gave her up to the church preschool.  I guess, I secretly wanted my little Kendall back.  Good thing Stephan was on board with the name, because we were keeping it.

Since we had already named her, I had no problem telling people the name. I know some people choose to keep the name a secret till the child is born, and I respect that, but I loved the connection you get and the connection Daddy can make by using a name. I knew my family liked the name, and honestly I really did not care if they did not because it was our baby. So, for all the Mommy-to-be’s out there, don’t let others judge your babies name – ITS YOUR BABY… NOT THEIRS!

So – lucky us, we were having a little girl, because we just could not decide on a boy’s name. I must have come up with 20 names that I likes… all rejected. I have a feeling we are going to go through that again with #2, regardless if it’s a boy or girl. Naturally, Stephan wants a boy, and I want another girl. (It would just be easier because we have tons of little girl stuff already… agree?)

So far the only name that we have both agreed on is James. He likes it as a first name… I’m cool with it being a middle name. James is also a family name for both sides of the family. It is my fathers’ middle name, and about everyone of Stephan’s side of the family first name – from James to Jim to Jimmy. So, I think we will try to incorporate that into the name somehow.

As for now, #2 shall remain nameless. However once the gender is reveled (18 or so weeks) we will be working up a storm on names! Tell then, back to the porcelain throne to deal with all this morning sickness.

(I love comments, so if you would like to leave some unique or favorite names you have heard lately, or come up with yourself I would love to hear them!)

Thanks for reading,




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  1. Can’t wait to hear your name choice for #2!

  2. Taylor D'Avanzo

    You know I picked out Nicholas James as the name if Brianna happened to be a boy. I would definitely love if you used that name since I know you both like James. Maybe Stephan will grow on Nicholas. *Praying*

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