Yes! Elmo Show!

I really can not express how wonderful this show was for the kids! I was not sure what to expect at first… I mean who take a (almost) 2 year old to a live performance! First off, it was loud. No, not the performance… all the kids in the audience.  They were talking, laughing, fussing, singing… and just having a good time. I felt no need to hush hush Little Sweetie when she would sequel out with excitement, or want to chit chat with her friend Thomas. Also, the lighting was perfect. It was just dim enough to see the stage, but not too dark that we could not see each other, or scary for the tots.

The story was great, however Sweetie mostly enjoyed when the characters would POP out on stage, and of course sing and dance! After almost  songs Kendall would clap and laugh and keep watching the stage as she knew something was coming up next. I honestly can’t believe that she sat through the entire performance! She only got squirmy at the very end, and I think that was just due to excitement.

This was our view from section 120. I was not sure how Sweetie would do, so I brought the “cheep” tickets. In the end, we actually had great seats and could see the whole stage. I don’t think we would have had a better experience if we sat anywhere else.

Here is a picture of Kendall and Thomas during the intermission. I think they were a little upset that the show seemed to be “over”. (Thank goodness, the sadness was quickly lifted by Daddy bringing nachos back to our seats!)

All in all, I would totally recommend this show for tots! big shout out to my friend Dawn for telling me about this great program!

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