Zumba at the Bobcats Game – 2012

On Saturday night Nikki and I headed out to the Charlotte Bobcats Game! Along with several other group, we performed in the Zumba half-time show. Somewhere between 200 and 250 participants showed up to dance their butts off. With that many people you can imagine it was a madhouse getting everyone lined up on the practice court to go over the routine. It took almost the whole first half to line up, take a group picture, and then go through the 5-ish minute dance just once!

So… Nikki and I were there with our group, Queen City Dance Out, which had about 15 people show up (mostly instructors and other Jam Crew members… more on that later.) I wish I had some pictures of our group for you… sorry! We all supported the company by wearing matching shirts with the logo which was really cool. Shameless plug: If you have not had a chance to check out a QCDO class you simply MUST + you can try it for free (just go to the website above and check it out.)

Ok… so here is what you are waiting for… the video! Major thanks to Stephan for recording it for us! Also, don’t forget to look for Nikki as she made the Jumbo-tron!

Zumba at the Bobcats Game – 2012 VIDEO HERE

Can you find us?

Here we are (I think you can click the picture to blow it up):


Here we are after the performance! Can you believe that we were both sweating after just 5 minutes of dancing!

(We were workn’ it!)

Thanks for reading,


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  1. awesome video, thanks so much for sharing!!!! it was a blast!

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