New Favorite Word: Beach!

Last weekend the tot and I went to visit my dear friend Amanda who lives in Greenville. We spent all day Saturday at the beach, which Kendall LOVED!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures (Sorry, none actually taken on the sandy beach):

Naturally, this one is my absolute favorite. Here we are at the Sanitary Restaurant having dinner. Kendall loved the big captains wheel. She spun it around several times, laughing each time it would squeak!

Amanda is enjoying some baby time… that is, till her baby arrives! (October 20th)

Checking out the inner banks and stayed for some lunch and play time!

Amanda or “A-duh” was so kind to share her lunch and water with Kendall!

Sleepy girl just hard to take a nap in the car – mid sucker treat, she must have just been pooped. Too much fun!

Can’t wait to taken Kendall back to the beach, she loved playing in the sand, and water. Most of all she liked watching the other children play, pointing at the bird, and calling for the puppies. Hopefully next time it will be warm enough to get more than just our toes in the water! Can’t wait!!!!

Keep an eye out for more photos of Kendall’s 2nd Birthday – Coming soon!

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