Monthly Archives: May 2012

Busy Busy Bee!

We have been super busy around the hive lately! Here are a few updates:

1) Stephan’s trip to India was fantastic! He love visiting all the large and small companies, but most of all being submersed by the Indian culture and sites! Although he was only there for two weeks or so, he came home with tons of pictures and some videos. I’m going to add them onto another blog site and share the link once that is complete. I know you can’t wait! Naturally, I’ll share my favs with you here first! 

2) Little Sweetie is doing wonderful. She has made a lot of progress in her speech these last few weeks. (We have been working on correctly pronouncing words, which include using the first letter too.) She is starting to cluster 4 to 5 words together at a time, and is even starting to sing songs. My favorite is Row, row, row your boat. 

Kendall has been enjoying school. Today, she had fun exploring the texture of corn-starch and watching the texture change as water and food color was added. 

3) Baby #2: I’m a little over 16 week pregnant with #2 now. Morning sickness is about the same as my last update. I can’t wait till this is over (the morning sickness). I was sick with Kendall till about 18 weeks, so I totally expect this to go on a little longer. Good news is that I’m starting to get a little more energy back now! Great news is that last time I saw my midwife she did the ultrasound and could not see either of the two walnut sized growths. Hopefully they are completely gone now… they will be checking again when I go back for the “big ultrasound”. Big meaning they will be doing all the measuring, checking out all the organs, and of course finding out the gender. I’m sure you are all waiting to find out if its a boy or girl… right! We are too… more to come about this topic.

Short and sweet today, more to come later this week! Thanks for reading!