Kendall Loves the Beach

Kendall and I had tons of fun at the beach! Check out all the pictures I took with the trusty iphone, here. I think you should be able to click on each of the images to make them larger.

“Kendall, show Mommy a big smile.”

Here she was saying, “Mommy, no eyes.”

Kendall’s favorite parts about going to the beach were swimming in the pool, dipping her feet into the ocean, playing in the sand, and being chased by Amanda who had the water squirting fan.

What great practice  for Amanda who is expecting a little girl in late October!

We enjoyed spending the morning on the beach, but with all the fun we were having,  we sure did work up an appetite! Can you believe Little Sweetie ate almost 2 whole pb+j sandwiches?

Kendall is really starting to LOVE music. One of her new favorite songs is Row, row, row your boat… which goes like this:

Row, row, …. boat…. streeeeeee

Mare, mare, mare…. deeeeeem

Funny side note: A few weeks ago we had just pulled into the Target and KM starts singing this song. Thinking nothing about it, I just sing along as we head into the store to pick up just a few things (which always ends up being more than I expect). As we come out of Target, KM resumes singing the song ALL the way to the car. Only then did I notice we had parked beside a car with a kayak tied to the roof. i had myself a little laugh out load moment, and told KM she was exactly right… kayaks are small boats for streams!


Watching the boats, and singing while we wait for our dinner.

Since I talked so much and Kendall this post, I thought I would share a picture of the little boy too… or and KM says “Mommy’s baby”.

Thanks for reading!



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