Double Days

Yesterday we had another “double day” – YEAH!

Ever since our little trip to pick up a new potty seat, treats, and undies, Kendall has been scared to use the potty. If she is not wearing her diaper and has to go potty, she will be in tears before she actually makes it onto the special potty seat. this is sad, and a little frustrating for Mommy. It just breaks my heart, to see her crying because she is scared of “letting go”. I’m not sure what she exactly she is scared of… missing the seat and going on herself (you know how her new obsession is being clean), or just not having on a diaper?!?

Well, again last night we had success on the potty. She recognized she had to go, and although cried a little bit, she finally managed to “let go” – and was then rewarded with a chocolate treat at which point their were no more tears.  Yes, proud Mommy moment #1!

Proud Mommy moment #2 actually did not happen till this morning. Last night, after bath and potty time, we managed to get KM to sleep in her big girl bed. We really are not forcing her, but giving her the choice to choose between the baby bed and the big girl bed. This is only the second night she has chosen to sleep in the big girl bed.

The first night, she woke up at 3pm screaming bloody murder. I tried to get her to fall back asleep but that was not happening, so we both went back downstairs and slept in Mommy’s bed. Last night, we made it till almost 5am, at which point, KM was fully awake and wanting to play. We tried the potty again, but with less success this time, and then proceeded back to the big girl bed. I’m not sure how much sleep we got after that, but we really did try to snuggle together… till 6am. Maybe tonight, we will make it through the night?

(Several other moms have told me they used the try to cry it out method at this stage to help teach their child to self sooth back to sleep. I’m still  having a hard time doing this…just like I did when she was an infant. However, it is something to keep in mind.)

Still VERY proud of my big girl! Maybe we will be potty trained and sleeping in the big girl bed by the time the little boy arrives!

Thanks for reading!


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