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I’ll Want to Remember This

Sometimes I wished I took more pictures of Kendall when she was a just a baby. I know she’s only two, but she is getting so big now – and well… not my little baby anymore. (I really do have a ba-zillion pictures of her, I guess I miss that little baby face.)

Anyways – just like capturing the special or not so special moments on the camera, I wanted to also take time to write down a few of her favorite sayings. I know I’ll want to remember these!

I know how you love pictures, so to go along with with Kendall quote, I’ll give you a picture from our fun afternoon at DeDe’s house.

So, we have been working really hard on using our manors, mostly “peas” and “jue jue” ( please and thank you). First off I find myself surprise when she randomly says “jue jue” for something I’m not expecting. For example, last night we were walking up the stairs to go to bed, and I was holding her hand to help her up – when we got to the top of the stairs she looked at me and said, “jue jue Mommy”. {LOVE HER}

It should come to no surprise that Kendall loves to eat (just like her Mommy and Daddy)! Some of her favorite lines are:

“More cir-roll peas” (More cereal please.)

“Eat Mommy more” (Here Mommy, you eat this!)

“Pop?”….. “Waffle?” (Do we have a Popsicle or waffles? Both of which are in the freezer.)

“A la meatball” ( I love meatballs.)


When referring to to two people together they are always a “Mommy and Daddy”.

This is a new one! “Wha hap-pennin?” (What happened?) This started off with DeDe dropped something on the floor and Kendall asked “Wha hap-pennin?”. This is replacing the “Oh-no” that she use to say when something was out of place. For example, something spilled, we passed a car accident on the road or trash on the sidewalk. Now its all, “Wha hap-pennin?” …

“A la jue Mommy” ( I love you Mommy!)

Another favorite things she says/does:

Counting when going up or down stairs… she never starts with the number one, and sometimes six and seven. (But she can count to eleven on most days).

In this picture above she she telling her baby, “hol (hold) tight Baby… not safe”.

Ok, so the other day we were headed home in the car, and Kendall broke out her own rendition of Old McDonald … who had a truck! And one his truck he had a horn… with a  beep beep here, and a beep beep there….

(I think this was a combination of Old McDonald and Wheels on the Bus.)

All the time we hear, “not nice _______”(fill in the blank with dogs name, Mommy, Daddy, friends name”. 9 of of 10 times its Boone (for getting up on the sofa) or Penny (for barking).

Well that’s all for today! Thanks for reading,


If you get some time, check out the new pictures under the Little Sweetie tab of Kendall visiting the Lobster room at school.