Bump-date {Almost 22 weeks}

So… I hit the halfway point in this pregnancy. I think 24 weeks (some say 28 weeks) is when medical professionals consider the the baby to be ‘viable’, so yeah for almost being there too!

I wish I had better pictures of the bump for you – but here are a few from a leadership conference I attended last week.

Sooo very proud of my Membership Team for coming in first place!

How the baby is growing: 

Note: Every baby develops a little differently — even in the womb. 

Baby now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long or about the length of a carrot, and is developing eyebrows and lids this week. I am feeling tons more movement, although it’s sometimes hard to know if its internal or external. Yesterday, Stephan said he could feel the baby for the first time! So very cool for him!!!

In other news:

We have moved 95% of Kendall’s things into her big girl room, taken out all the pink (now in the attic), and are getting the room ready for the NEW baby. Note to self: I need to stop calling Kendall “baby”! Can’t wait to take pictures to show you all (we moved the furniture around in her room again).  Also, can’t wait to pick out little boy bedding and room decor!

How is the Mommy?

Feeling good. Well… a lot better than the other night. Starting having bad bad bad stomach pains. Remember when I had them with Kendall… went to the ER… and came home with over a $3,000 bill for them to tell me it was just gas? Well, I was not about to have another moment like that so I just suffered through the pain, hours in the bathroom, and lack of sleep for the rest of the weekend. (For half a second, I thought I was going to go into labor… that’s how sick I felt!)

That was ONLY the start to my weekend! After the kidling had near poisoning* and looking herself in her room I was ready to give up! Mommy fail! Thank God the weekend is over… I need a break… and if I was not pregnant, I would need a drink too!

Like I was saying… I’m feeling much better now, and looking forward to actually getting some things done around the house in preparation for the little boys arrival! I’m already starting to swell up, and not sure if that’s because it over over 100 degrees last week and weekend or I’m already getting to that stage. I guess for now I’ll keep drinking the water, and try to stay away from salty foods! No new stretch marks, no spider vains, no varicose vains – all good news there. I’m up just over 10 lbs now… I don’t think I’ll make midwifes suggested goal of only gaining 20 lbs…. hahaha…hahaha!


*Yes, KM has learned how to un-screw bottles, and potentially drank from a bottle of baby soap/shampoo when in the backseat of Mommy’s car! Lets just say the entire bottle was empty when we got home and the little girl was passed out (scary). She had Mommy and Daddy both freaking out!

Thanks for reading!



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