The Bee’s Knees!

Here are a few new links to things I love, want… simply must have!

Looking for a new necklace for when GQ* arrives… maybe something like this!

Miss Amanda’s blog: Tall Drink of Milk. Just a few weeks ahead of me, Amanda chats all about the “important” stuff going on inside and outside of Mama’s belly.

Must find this shirt for Little Sweetie! You know how she LOVES pizza!

Another must-buy for the kidling before football season. Plus, a great one to pass down! Thank goodness we have ASU pjs already!

Leaning towards this double stroller. Hey, and with this awesome deal, I could get a free 2nd seat for the stroller, or a car seat for my MIL!

Love this video of KM in the pool... more to come soon!


*The other day I overheard my father, aka Big “G”, refer to the newest member of our family as “GQ” and thought that was a cute nickname for the little boy. If you are unaware, my niece BB is known as “Little G” and Kendall is “Baby G”. Maybe you see a pattern….


Thanks for reading!


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