22 Weeks and 2 Days

We headed off to see the midwife again today, and received a healthy report! My blood pressure is down, the baby’s heart rate is steady and in the normal range, and I’m actually measuring right at 23 weeks according to the official “measuring tape on the belly” test. {Note sarcasm here because to me this does not seem like a real test, yet they do it every time I come to visit.}

Next appointment is in August 6th… and we are doing the O’Sullivan test. For all my non-mommy friends this is a simple screening for diabetes in pregnancy and consists fasting, followed by drinking a not-so-bad orange concoction, and then taking a blood test.  Easy.

Ok… I know you are waiting on the pictures, so here you go!

Kendall – 21 weeks

Little Boy – 22 weeks

I think I look much bigger this time around… what do you think?

Just for fun, here is another picture of me in Zumba class. I was so excited to be called up on stage for one of the songs… in front of 60+ people. Totally rocked the bump!

Shout out to Marlo Sabrinski who took these pictures!

The baby room is starting to come together. We have removed all the pink and even move the furniture around to make the room feel different. Naturally,  I’ll post a pink vs. blue room picture once we are done… but that will be a while.  Kendall enjoyed helping Mommy put the new outfits into the dresser.

This was really odd to see after only having pink, pink, and more pink for over 2 years!

My post would not be complete without a picture of Little Sweetie – Here she is hanging in the baby room eating a pop tart while I clean and move things around. (This is the “I-see-you-moving-my-stuff-out” face… hahaha!)

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