Oh, The Little Things!

The other day Little Sweetie and I were out running errands and stopped by Target to get some diapers.  (And a few other items we did not really NEED, which always happens).

Backing up a bit… On our way to the target, I got hungry and I assumed she was too, so we stopped by our favorite Chick-fil-la for dinner. I had also been craving the sweet lemonade, but told Kendall we were going there because I know how she loves the chicken nuggets.  She agreed it was a good idea.

As one can imagine, I really had to pee bad by the time we got out of the car at Target. Like whuuuuu bad! So we rushed into the ladies room, which to my surprise was kind of full! Not a big deal unless your child decides to have a very laud conversation with you at that very moment (she was yelling):

Little Sweetie: My Mommy POTTY!

Mommy: Yes, Mommy has to go potty… do you want to go potty too?

Little SweetieSilence

(At this point I am hovered over the toilet, something my mother taught me to do in public restrooms.)

Little Sweetie: No, Mommy… down. (referring to the fact that I need sit on the toilet… and pushing on my leg so I would sit… which I did not!)

Mommy: I don’t want to sit, it could be dirty. (said in hush tones)

Little Sweetie: (as loud as possible) OHHH… NO! Ohhh no Mommy, DIRTY Potty!

(I can only imagine what the other women in the restroom were thinking while listening to our conversation.)

Mommy: It’s ok, Mommy is almost done, and then we can go shopping!

(As I start to pull my pants back up I hear…)

Little Sweetie: Good job, Mommy! Good job, potty!

Mommy: Thank you baby.


As we left the stall and washed our hands, the woman next to me smiled and said, “It must feel good to be complimented for all the ‘little’ things.”

In which I replied in a laughing manor, “Sure does make it worth it.”


Now and then, I guess everyone needs a compliment for the little things they do. Maybe today you can take some time to thank someone for their hard work, something they have done for you lately, or maybe just thank them for going potty. (Just kidding on that last one.)

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Oh did I laugh out loud at this! Children say the funniest things. I am glad you were able to laugh through any feeling of embarassment 🙂

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