Bedtime Routine

We have a somewhat normal bedtime routine for getting Kendall to bed now. Making the transition to the “big girl” bed has been a whole lot easier than the transition out of diapers! (Let’s not go there!)

So, since the transition, Kendall has been requesting to sleep with not one but three lovies – the “baby”, the “puppy” and the “ribbit” … I know you all want to see what the “ribbit” looks like… right?

As you can imagine, the bed gets kind of full with the Sweetie and her lovies. Every few days or so, she also request to sleep with an inanimate object as well – a night night book, another baby, the shirt she wore to school… one just never knows that that other object is going to be.

Last night, Kendall requested one such object to sleep with that had me thinking… really child? You really need to sleep with your pink polka-dotted, flower sunglasses on? Yes, indeed – and she did! (Sometimes a mom has to pick her battles, and this was not going to be one of them.)

I still can’t believe that she crawled into bed, PJs and all, with the sunglasses on! She curled right up in her blanket and fell asleep – with the sunglasses still on. As much as I wanted to run downstairs and grab my camera to get as many pictures of this moment as possible – I decided that it would be best if I gently removed the glasses and let her sleep in peace. So sorry, no picture this time.

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