Moving Up!

Kendall Marie is moving up to the “big kid” class room at school!

Background: Kendall’s school is divided into two wings. The younger children all in the “land” wing, where all the classrooms are named after land animals. (Kendall is currently in the Chipmunk room.) The older children are in the “sea” wing, where the classrooms are named after … you guessed it… sea animals.

Like I was saying, Kendall is in the Chipmunk room which is connected to the Bears room. (All the children in the two rooms are about the same age, and interact with each other several times a day.) Here is the interesting part… all the kids will get moved up into one of two rooms, the first is the Raccoon room (still in the “land” wing) and the second is the Lobster room (on the “sea” wing with the big kids).

Want to guess what room Kendall will be moving to in August?


This image is actually from a blog about “National Lobster Day” which is June 15th! (Fun fact for the day!)

I’m so excited that she is moving up to the Lobster room with the big kids! The evaluation is done on age, ability to communicate with teachers and “friends”, willingness to “potty” at school,  and listening skills. I also just found out that the Lobster room is harder to get into because not only are the spots available to children the Bears and Chipmunks rooms, but also the Raccoon room!

So starting in August they will make the big transition; I’m so glad that Kendall has another good friend from class that will be joining her in the room! In the new room they will have more responsibilities like cleaning up the play areas, wiping down the tables, and helping to set the table for meals and snacks. (All of which I know Kendall will excel at because she is OCD about cleaning!)

I am most excited about the potty training in the Lobster room. They are in full force with the training, and I think they will start to implement operation “big girl undies” at school! YES! Our goal was to only have one in diapers, so hopefully by the time the little boy gets here in November will have accomplished that great feat!

Thanks for reading about another proud Mommy moment!


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