Hot Doughnuts Now!


I took Kendall to the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Factory in Winston-Salem this weekend. If you have not taken your kidlings, or big kidlings (husbands) there, please put this on your summer to-do list!

First, we got to watch the the dough being placed into the big machines, and then “plopped” into the deep fry. Then we watched as they went swimming in what Kendall called the “water”. However, I just don’t think they would taste as good if they were cooked in water. When they came out, we watched in anticipation as they were covered by the glaze fountain! YUMMM!

I think Kendall could have watched this process all day! But when I told her, we could go to the counter and pick out her favorite doughnut to eat, she was over watching and ready EAT, EAT, EAT! I know you are waiting for more pictures… so here they are!

Little Sweetie amazed with how doughnuts are made!

“Mine… now?” -Kendall

Glaze fountain!

Almost ready to eat!

Kendall excited when Mommy tells her she can pick out ONE to eat now!

Picking the best doughnut – strawberry, with glaze, icing, sprinkles, and whip cream! Go big or go home… I guess!

Mommy’s doughnut!

How to eat a doughnut:

1) Eat whip cream off with finger

2) Pick up doughnut and carefully inspect to make sure all the “fun” is still in place.

Fun = Sprinkles (in Kendall’s own words)

3) Lick all “fun” and glaze off doughnut!

4) Eat remaining doughnut

Yummy!  Hope your not too hungry now!

Thanks for reading!


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