Still Shopping

Yesterday I was telling you about starting my Christmas shopping early. Today I want to thank my totally awesome Mommy group for posting about 2 more great sales that I had to check out!

Sale 1: 

Melissa posted that Target put their toys on sale (70% off) 2 times a year. Also big thanks to Jamie for posting this link to the All Things Target blog. So after work I headed over and pick up not only Christmas, but also Birthday toys for Miss Kendall.

Total dollar amount for toys: $174.46

Paid: $52.34 (Saved: $122.12 roughly)


Sale 2: 

Sarah posted that Kid-to-Kid (one of my favorite children’s consignment stores) is having their “Stuff a Bag” Sale this weekend.  $10 gets you a small bag, and $20 gets you a large bag – simply stuff and pay no more than $10 (or $20 depending on the bag size) for everything in the bag. So, I got the $10 bag and stuffed it full of outfits for the little lad. I figured that I had Kendall covered with all the hand-me-downs, and toys I bought at Target. Plus the little boy (less than 2 months old at Christmas) will not be ready for toys, and we have no hand-me-downs for him… BOO!

Total dollar amount for 18 outfits for the little boy: $87.75

Paid: $10.73 (Saved: $74.38)


So, if you are out this weekend check out the toys at Target and clothing at Kid-to-Kid… you just might find a good deal too!

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