Kendall’s Cousins Come To Visit

Stephan’s sister and her family have been in Charlotte this week visiting (from New Jersey). I just wanted to post a few pictures of their outing at the US National White Water Center. This place was so cool, I wish I was able to do high ropes course or zip-line, or rafting. Maybe next time… or when Kendall is old enough!

Kayla (10th grade), Anthony (8th grade), Kendall (2 years old), and Stephan (old as dirt)

Smiles and 2 thumbs up from Anthony, on top of the bridge overlooking the “beach”. They got to see several “boats” go under the bridge.

Kendall words:

“beach” = any body or pool of water

“boat” = any object that looks like a boat that is on/in/near the “beach”

Just hanging out…

Kendall loved to point to the rafts and yell “boat, boat…big boat… two boat”. Daddy does not look so happy running from one side of the bridge to the other.

I love this picture of Kayla and Kendall watching the rock climbers. It looks like Kendall is trying to explain “what’s hap=pennen”.

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