Bump-date: An Update on the Boy

How far along? 26 weeks (and 2 days)

Total weight gain: Almost 15lbs – My goal is to only go up about 20 to 25lbs… guess I better eat heather!

Maternity clothes? You bet. Loving the good deals at Old Navy! Can’t wait to see what they have at the consignment sale this weekend.

Sleep: The last two weeks or so I have been up late with company and, of course, watching the Olympics.

Best moment this week: So excited that my new stroller is here… I just have to go pick it up!

Movement: TONS – I think this baby moves more than Kendall. Could this be the first sign of “little boy trouble”?

Food cravings: Bacon, bacon, bacon. Bad news, I just found out you can get fully-cooked bacon at the grocery store. (Just heat and eat!)

Food Dis-likes: Really? None this week – maybe that’s why I have gained so much weight lately… hahaha!

Gender: Still a BOY!!!

Labor Signs: Gosh… I hope not.

Belly Button in or out? Flat.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but a little tighter with the warm weather.

What I miss: Sipping on a cold beer during cookouts.

What I am looking forward to: Miss Amanda coming to visit this weekend, taking Kendall to her new room at school, and Tweetsie Railroad with Miss Kristen and the girls.

Weekly Wisdom: Pick out a baby name you like, maybe it has a special meaning to you, or is unusual… just don’t let other peoples reactions steer you away from your decision. It is your baby after all!


Baby is actually measuring about 2 weeks ahead. Naturally this does not surprise me as Kendall was almost 3 weeks ahead at one point. Guess I just make big babies!

Also took the glucose screening test, to make sure I don’t have gestational diabetes, and I passed with a 106. (Yeah, I need to hit 130 or less, and I did.) Also did some more mandatory  blood tests while at my appointment.

Looks like I’ll be going back to see the midwives every two weeks now, next appointment is August 21st!

Thanks for reading!



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