Hello Again Friends

Wow… It’s been a long time since my last post and so much has happened. I’ll try to give a brief overview with lots of pictures (cause I know how you all love pictures)… but I warm you, it will be a long one!


30 weeks


Looking a little sleepy here! That’s because for the last week or so Kendall has not wanted to sleep in her big girl bed and I have been sleeping with her either in our bed (with Stephan and the dogs) or the guest bed!


Stephan’s on a bus!

Have you seen Stephan on the side of one the Charlotte City buses? Yep, that’s him supporting the Wake Forest MBA program! So excited, he is getting ready to start his last semester (of the two year program)!



Kendall takes on the world… or just learns how to ride her bike!

Step 1: Learn how to ride a bike. Step 2: Take on the world!

Thank goodness Daddy took her to pick up a helmet… Kendall took a nasty spill after getting up in speed and trying to turn too fast! Of course, all boo-boos were naturally healed with a little Mommy kiss!

I just remembered, Stephan took a great video of Kendall riding her bike. I’ll try to get that and add a link to a post real soon!




Kendall is officially a LOBSTER! 

The move to the new room at school has gone great. Kendall is making lots of new friends, but still enjoys hanging out and talking a lot about her friend Amelia! I love some of these pictures taken my her teacher: Making Pizza, Playing in the Sand, Pretend Play, Learning how to make Breakfast, CPR for Elmo, and Show and Share Day!



Hummingbird Festival – 2012

This was our second year heading out to the Hummingbird Festival. We brought along some of our friends to enjoy the day with us! After a picnic lunch at home, we headed off to the park… unfortunately most of the hummingbird activities happen in the morning. We still got to  see the wildlife animals, play with the toys, and hang out on the natural tree house outside. I would say a good time was had by all, even if our slushy did still all over us! (Kendall and I did get matching humming bird tattoos like last year … I just did not get a picture of them… boo!)


Family trip for Pizza and Ice-cream 

Naturally, we had to bring the American flag along to help cheer on team USA (during the Olympics) while at dinner. Everyone got a kick out of her cheering and clapping in Brooklyn’s Pizza. Next we headed to TCBY and enjoyed some fo-yo while hanging out at the big water fountain. I love the picture above with Kendall showing Mommy her “big smile”!

First Indian Wedding 

Stephan and I enjoyed a weekend away while celebrating the wedding of Sneha and Ashu Vats! As you can see, this is not Stephan pictured above, but our good friend Chelsea. (Stephan got a little sunburned and lets just say the pictures did not turn out so well.) Anyways, we had a blast at the Mehndi and Sangeet on Friday night; this is when all the ladies get together sing songs, dance, and of course apply henna on their hands and feet. Saturday, we partook in the Baaraat (parade for the groom’s side of the family and his friends) and then the wedding ceremony – which was almost 3 hours long. After our yummy lunch we rested and then headed back out to the dinner reception where we ate and danced the night away! I could talk about this wedding forever… the spicy food, the colorful sarees, the traditions… everything was so amazing!

Ok, I think this is information and picture overload for today! More soon!

Thanks for reading!


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