Bookshelves for the Boy!

So, I finally got around to doing another Pinterest project this week! I had pinned these supper easy bookshelves originally for Kendall’s room, but ended up doing the little boys room first (since I was excited about the new bedding we got him).

Side note: Most people know now, but we are about 99% sure his first name will be James. Not only is this my father’s middle name, but it is also used in almost every generation of Stephan’s side of the family. (However, this will be the first James in his generation.)

Ok, back to the project:

Ta-Da… these are the bookshelves

Here is a picture of them on the whole wall:


Too cute… right? I love them, and so does Kendall. In face she really wanted to have them in her room. Also, check out the new door know on the “diaper closet” in James’ room. I had a left over wooden knob that I painted to match the bookshelves!


This project is so easy and not too time consuming! (1hour)

Follow these simple steps:

1) Brave a trip to Ikea to pick up your BEKVÄM Spice racks (only $3.99 each)

2) Put selves together – no tools needed – instructions included!

3) These do come in a nice birch wood – unpainted, unstained. I painted them to match the new bedding! ( 3 coats without a primer)

4) Hang on wall. We used mollies so that little children would not rip them out of the walls when they pulled books out, or tried to use them to stand. (This was the most difficult part of the project.)


When I do this again for Kendall’s room I am going to first prime the shelves (because the wood does soak in the paint. I used three coats of paint to get them the color that matched. Also, I may use a glossy paint (not flat)… just because I think it was look more finished!

When we get James’ room all finished I’ll be sure to post more pictures.

Thanks for reading,



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  1. awesome!!

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