A Good Cleaning

Day 2 at home has gone great! Both days we have been up early getting things done around the house… and by getting thing done mean, Kendall pulls out every single toy and art supply she owns while I do the dishes or go through paperwork.

We have a little less than 6 weeks till the estimated arrival of James! Some people say this is about the time moms go into “nesting mode” where they clean and get ready for the baby. Yes, I am cleaning… but it’s out of necessity! With two parents working full time, after work activities, and one in a full time master’s program it leaves little time at the end of the day to get the house cleaned and organized. We all would much rather spend time together talking, relaxing, and playing with Kendall. (Hence, the house work can wait.)

But no longer… I’m determined to get this house semi-ready/organized/cleaned in 6 weeks! So, why am I telling you this? One – I won’t judge you for the “small bit of mess” in your house, if you don’t judge mine. Two – I wanted to share a quick 15 minute cleaning project with you. You have 15 minutes right?

I found this easy trick for cleaning out your microwave! If you are like me, you really can’t remember the last time you actually deep cleaned your microwave. So check out how easy this was, then try it tonight.

Steam-cleaned microwave:

What you need:

  • 1cup water
  • 1cup vinegar
  • microwave safe dish (I used a casserole dish)
  • some sort of wooden dowels, or wooden spoon


1) Pour water and vinegar into microwave safe dish, add wooden spoon or dowels so that the water does not boil over

2) Place in microwave, cook on high for 10 minutes

3) Carefully remove dish after the 10 minutes

4) Immediately wipe clean with a kitchen towel or paper towel

The wiping down took less than 5 minutes to do… so EASY! I really can’t believe that the steam really loosened everything up so that it only took a quick wipe to clean the whole thing. I then used the water/vinegar mixture to clean the outside of the appliances, soak up smells in the refrigerator and wipe down the counters.

I know you want to see home befor and after pictures:

Gross – dirty!


Ok – good luck with your cleaning! I hope you try this little project out!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve heard of something similar (which I tried once, and it worked!) but you use lemon (like you put half a lemon in the water instead of using vinegar! Sometimes I do that if I’ve juiced a lemon, and I don’t want to just throw it away. 🙂

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