My Big Kids

Wow, hard to believe that James is already 2 months old! We just saw the doctor this week and turns out that he is almost the complete opposite, in growth, from Kendall. Coming in at 11 pounds and 8.2 oz. he is only in the 25th percentile for weight. His height was 24 inches long, which is closer to the 80th percentile. So Mommy’s big boy is not so big anymore… maybe is is Mommy’s long baby. Right about this time Kendall’s hair started to grow in blond, but we have not seen that with James… only time will tell. So good news is that is sleeping through his nights now, or between 7 and 9 hours at a time. Now if only I could get Kendall down for bed at a reasonable time I might actually get some sleep too!

James at doctor - 2 mo

Kendall is doing great with the adjustment of having a new brother. She really loves him…. like crazy in love! She is always saying, “I love him much” or “Mommy, don’t you just love it”… another proud Mommy moment! I am so excited to watch Kendall grow up, her little personality is coming out even more now. She is always asking about her friends and wants them to come over to play, wanting to hold hands and help them, and lots of sharing. This is a big improvement from just a few short months ago. Naturally, she is starting to sing, talk, and play pretend with her animals and dolls. My favorite part is when she mimics breast feeding… too cute.


Can’t believe how fast they are growing up!

Goodnight, and thanks for reading,



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