Mealtime Makeover

Yes, we have made it through day 9 of “Eat in Month”. I wanted to share a few tips for getting me through this challenge. (Even if you are not doing this challenge, you might find some of these tips helpful for your everyday meals.)

1) Shop the sales. This week I saved over $70 at the grocery store just by purchasing what was on sale. This also cuts down your shopping list making it easy to get in and out without spending the extra cash. Next week maybe I’ll through in some coupons and save even more… who knows!

2) Used purchased items to THEN plan your meals and snacks. This allows me to get creative with my “sale items” purchased from the grocery store and really concentrate on portion size. The rule of palm (hand) helps me really look closely at my portion sizes!

3) I use to think that I only had time for take out! With two kids who are constantly eating, pooping, crying, and simply needing attention who has time to cook every meal. So I have decided to pre-make two dishes a week yielding about 2 meals each. Second, when making dinner, I have been cooking a little extra and saving it for lunch the next day. Easy to do and saves a lot of time!

4) On-the-go-snacks… a must have at our house. I have been toting around extra water and a salty yet satisfying nut/berry snack with me whenever I leave the house. Next time I pass that chick-fa-la, I’m going to reach in a pull out my on-the-go-snack.

5) Sometimes I feel a little cooped up eating at the dinner table for every meal. Switch it up. On warm days like today, maybe try enjoying lunch outside. I’ll call this the new eating out!

Can’t wait to share my closet makeover with you tomorrow!

Thanks for reading,

Signiture with Heart


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