Trying Something New

I have been craving pasta like crazy, especially since I’m trying to eat healthy and stay away from such foods! I have had several friends tell me about this “spaghetti squash” that apparently is a great pasta substitute because not only does it look like pasta, but it also has a mild flavor and will essentially taste just like whatever sauce you put over them.  So, after never even seeing a spaghetti squash I decided to give it a try… hey, why not?

 photo (4)

From the recommendation of my cousin Andrea, I first poked holes in the squash and cooked it in the microwave for several minutes. Let me tell you, you can’t even cut into the thing without first cooking it at least a little. To my surprise the inside reminded me of a pumpkin. I had to use a big spoon to de-seed the inside before placing it face down on a cooking sheet to bake (about 20 minutes).

photo (2)

When it was done, all I did was scrape out the insides with a fork, which was very easy.  Everyone was right… It did look like pasta!  So I topped it with pesto, tilapia, and tomatoes for an amazing dinner. It was still a little crunchy, so next time I make this I think I’ll cook it longer in the oven or cook it with the sauce on the range before eating.  I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to try a new meal!

photo (3)

On a side note… I worked hard organizing my coat closet.  Wine rack doubles as a shoe holder and holds hats and gloves on top! Next up…. The bathroom closet!

photo (1)

Thanks for reading!

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