Kendall’s Room

One of my downfalls is that I tend to work on one project for a while and then move to the next project before the first is finished. For example, I started cleaning and organizing my bathroom closet but stopped because I need to get some boxes from The Container Store. Therefor to fill the time, I started working more on Kendall’s room.

First, Kendall and I painted this wonderful picture of bees (made out of Kendall’s foot prints). Oh my goodness… we had so much fun and got paint everywhere! We thought that because bees love flowers, we should hang the picture by her “night-light flowers”.


We also took some time to organize her bookshelf and hang some bags/coats on the wall. I can’t even express how long I have been waiting to do this little project. The hooks are so cute; they look like little dog tails.

bookshelf and dog hangers

Last, I decided to frame and hang these two cute bags in Kendall’s room. 1) Because she loves shopping and bags and 2) because they have some nice saying printed on the fronts.

“Friends are more important than money”.

“It’s easy being green”.



bags on walls bags

I have just a few more things to work on in Kendall’s room before it is complete, then I’ll share the final picture of it put all together! For now you can check out this picture of Kendall painting (one of her favorite things to do)!

Kendall paintingThanks for reading,

Signiture with Heart



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