“That’s What She Said”

Sometimes Kendall surprises me with the odd or funny-ish things that come from her mouth:


Scene: Eating (Scrabble) Cheese-Its and working on remembering letters

Kendall: Mommy, What’s this? (Holding cheese-it up for me to see)

Mommy: That’s the letter “U”.

Kendall: Me? (With a questionable look on her face)

Mommy: No, it’s the letter “U” like in umbrella.

Kendall: Ohhh… (Pauses to think)… like MMMEEE Kenda-rella (I’m assuming this was a cross between Kendall and Cinderella)


Scene: Bedtime or close to that time

Daddy: I think it’s time for her to go to B…E…D. (We spell things out on occasion so that the wee-one will not know what we are talking about. Maybe we spell this one out too much.)

Kendall: Nooooooooooo….. I don’t want to go to E…E…D!

Guess we will need to work on spelling later. Daddy and I both busted out laughing.


Scene: Kendall talking to James while he is doing tummy-time

James: (struggling to hold himself up)

Kendall: Mommy, James making noises!

Mommy: He is okay… just let him push up.

Kendall: (to James) It’s okay James. I love you man!

(Sometimes we call James “Little Man” so I’m guessing “man” is short for that… although it was funny the way she said it!)

km funny

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Signiture with Heart


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