About Me:

Me: I’m Leslie. A wife to my busy husband, and a mommy to my “Little Sweetie” (Kendall), and the little boy (arriving in November 2012). So far being a mom has been beautiful, surprising, and difficult all at once! On this path through mommy-hood I hope to enjoy life as much as I can (even when it seems impossible). I’m a crafty crafter, wine lover, Zumba dancer, and now a bloggy blogger. I love all things natural, being outside, and staying active. Anyone who knows me, knows I love trying new things, going on adventures, and and taking anyone down  along with me.

Hubby: This is Stephan, my worker bee. Not only is he busy working for the “big red bank”, but also getting his MBA at Wake Forest University (yeah, for being done this December). He’s a real #Cruncher, and looks at everything from a financial point of view. Thanks goodness too, because you know I don’t do numbers! Stephan and I met in 1999, married in 2007, are currently living in Charlotte, NC.

Little Sweetie: Kendall Marie was given the nickname “Little Sweetie” while still in utero by her big cousin BB. She had just received a stuffed dog for Valentines day (who’s name was little sweetie), when I asked her if I could hold her little sweetie, she said, “No, you already have your ‘Little Sweetie'” (as she pointed to my big belly).

Kendall loves dogs, music / dancing,  snacks, and playing with friends. Her favorite TV show is the Pound Puppies, or Elmo (mel-mo). She loves going to school, and you can see her in action at school by clicking on the Photos tab at the top of the page. She is excited about being a big sister this November!



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