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Kendall vs. James

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Kendall – James

James’ Room

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A Few Maternity Pictures:

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How far along? 26 weeks (and 2 days)

Total weight gain: Almost 15lbs – My goal is to only go up about 20 to 25lbs… guess I better eat heather!

Maternity clothes? You bet. Loving the good deals at Old Navy! Can’t wait to see what they have at the consignment sale this weekend.

Sleep: The last two weeks or so I have been up late with company and, of course, watching the Olympics.

Best moment this week: So excited that my new stroller is here… I just have to go pick it up!

Movement: TONS – I think this baby moves more than Kendall. Could this be the first sign of “little boy trouble”?

Food cravings: Bacon, bacon, bacon. Bad news, I just found out you can get fully-cooked bacon at the grocery store. (Just heat and eat!)

Food Dis-likes: Really? None this week – maybe that’s why I have gained so much weight lately… hahaha!

Gender: Still a BOY!!!

Labor Signs: Gosh… I hope not.

Belly Button in or out? Flat.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but a little tighter with the warm weather.

What I miss: Sipping on a cold beer during cookouts.

What I am looking forward to: Miss Amanda coming to visit this weekend, taking Kendall to her new room at school, and Tweetsie Railroad with Miss Kristen and the girls.

Weekly Wisdom: Pick out a baby name you like, maybe it has a special meaning to you, or is unusual… just don’t let other peoples reactions steer you away from your decision. It is your baby after all!


Baby is actually measuring about 2 weeks ahead. Naturally this does not surprise me as Kendall was almost 3 weeks ahead at one point. Guess I just make big babies!

Also took the glucose screening test, to make sure I don’t have gestational diabetes, and I passed with a 106. (Yeah, I need to hit 130 or less, and I did.) Also did some more mandatory  blood tests while at my appointment.

Looks like I’ll be going back to see the midwives every two weeks now, next appointment is August 21st!

24 weeks – Not much is new! 

So with Kendall having an April birthday, all of my maturity clothing is for the winter. Think – long pants (mostly cords.), and heavy sweaters! So, naturally we did not plan out this pregnancy very well, and I have NOTING to wear. I’m excited to say that my friend Kristen is letting me borrow some items, and I just received so new things from Old Navy (maternity)! Yeah, for the little things!

Still working on the baby room – I’ll get pictures up soon!

22 Weeks and 2 Days

We headed off to see the midwife again today, and received a healthy report! My blood pressure is down, the baby’s heart rate is steady and in the normal range, and I’m actually measuring right at 23 weeks according to the official “measuring tape on the belly” test. {Note sarcasm here because to me this does not seem like a real test, yet they do it every time I come to visit.}

Next appointment is in August 6th… and we are doing the O’Sullivan test. For all my non-mommy friends this is a simple screening for diabetes in pregnancy and consists fasting, followed by drinking a not-so-bad orange concoction, and then taking a blood test.  Easy.

Ok… I know you are waiting on the pictures, so here you go!

Kendall – 21 weeks

I think I look much bigger this time around… what do you think?

Just for fun, here is another picture of me in Zumba class. I was so excited to be called up on stage for one of the songs… in front of 60+ people. Totally rocked the bump!

Shout out to Marlo Sabrinski who took these pictures!

The baby room is starting to come together. We have removed all the pink and even move the furniture around to make the room feel different. Naturally,  I’ll post a pink vs. blue room picture once we are done… but that will be a while.  Kendall enjoyed helping Mommy put the new outfits into the dresser.

This was really odd to see after only having pink, pink, and more pink for over 2 years!

My post would not be complete without a picture of Little Sweetie – Here she is hanging in the baby room eating a pop tart while I clean and move things around. (This is the “I-see-you-moving-my-stuff-out” face… hahaha!)

Kendall, Mommy, and Baby Boy (19 weeks)

It’s a… BOY!!!! (19 weeks)

Wow! We are so excited to announce that Baby #2 is going to be a BOY!!!

We found out that Kendall was a girl on Christmas morning 2009… but this year we found out that baby #2 was a boy on Father’s Day! What a special father’s day present for Stephan!

Check out this video where you find out the gender! 

Our ultrasound was amazing… baby #2 looked healthy and approximately 0.8lbs at this point… maybe 7 inches from head to butt and a few more inches for the legs. we got to see the face, arms and legs, stomach and kidneys, the 4 chambers of the heart pumping blood, and tons of other stuff.

Oh… you want to see too? Check out these other videos!

Hi Mom and Dad! 

Face and Heart Rate

Arms and Legs

More Baby Moving

Mommy Update

How far along? 19 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 6-8lbs gain

Maternity clothes? Yep. However, I was pregnant with Kendall in the winter… so I need summer maternity clothes now.

Stretch marks? No new ones!

Sleep: When I get sleep its good… it’s just the waking up every 2 to 3 hours to pee thats a bummer.

Best moment this week: I’m getting the house clean and looking forward to seeing all my friends at the baby shower!

Movement: Started to feel little flutters this week. However the ultrasound shows the baby moving a whole bunch.

Food cravings: Sweets, just like with Kendall.

Food Dis-likes: Meat sometimes… and the smell of curry makes me want to barf.

Gender: BOY!!!

Labor Signs: Gosh… I hope not.

Belly Button in or out? It’s starting to flatten out.

Wedding rings on or off? On, and feeling good.

What I miss: being able to carry Kendall around. She is getting way to heavy, and its starting to hurt my back.

What I am looking forward to: Picking out boy bedding and getting the room ready.

Weekly Wisdom: Stay calm, don’t rush, and treat yourself sometimes!

Milestones: The big gender ultrasound at 18 weeks. Almost halfway done! Next appointment at 23 weeks.

Yep: Still pregnant! (13 weeks)

Total weight gain: 1 pound gained. Side note: At 13 weeks with Kendall, I had lost about 8 pounds.

Pregnancy symptoms: Sick, sick sick! Constipated, tired, and bad mood (according to hubby) too!

Maternity clothes? Nope, not yet… however may need to move up a size in pants. Good thing I have plenty of them from before I lost the weight.

Stretch marks? Just the same ones from last time.

Sleep: Still forcing myself to not get up and pee more than two times during the night.

Best moment this week: Felt great doing Zumba… plus my mom cam out and tried it too! For all those questioning doing Zumba while pregnant!

Movement: Nope… not that I can tell.

Food cravings: Mexican food, and milk… but not together.

Food Dis-likes: Meat sometimes… and anything curry.

Gender: Still a few more weeks till we find out. I think we are going to wait till right around 18 weeks. Some days I think its a girl, other days I think its going to be a boy… no good feelings yet.

What I am looking forward to: My next appointment they are doing an ultrasound, can’t wait to see the baby again, and see why type of progress the two growths on my right ovary have made (hopefully gotten smaller).

Weekly Wisdom: They say your body adjust the pregnancy a lot faster the second time… check out the pictures below of me at 13 or so weeks with Kendall and now, this time!

Milestones: Baby #2 is the size of a peach, and its heart rate was at 163 which is very healthy!

Pregnant with Kendall at 13 weeks

Pregnant with Baby #2 at 10 weeks (I think I look about the same now)

Also, wanted to share new newest obsession:

 Dole Shakers = Awesome smoothie without the blender! Just add juice and shake. (I used apple juice.)

So, I have tried all three (protein, vitamin C, and fiber), which you can pick up in the freezer section of your grocery store. Best part is that that are yummy – scratch that – best part is that they are only 100 calories (plus whatever juice you add). Originally I bought them because I was having trouble getting enough protein, but now I just simply love them! Next time, I think I’ll try with pineapple juice!

Hello morning sickness – I have not missed you!

Last night I was graced by the presence of morning sickness. (Insert sarcastic “Yeah” here). Not just once, but on 4 separate occasions. So I get up out of bed, physically getting sick, brush teeth, drinking water, and then having to crawl back into bed without waking husband and two dogs also sleeping in the bed.  Yeah, two hours of sleep, then we get to do it all over again!

I knew this time would come. I started this whole routine when I was pregnant with Kendall right around 6 weeks, and it did not stop till almost 18 weeks. So, here we are in week 7 and its soooo much worse this time around! Did I just forget how bad this part was or is it really worse this round?

Anyways, this post is really not about morning sickness, but I was thinking about while trying to fall back asleep. You see, once you are wide awake it take a while to get back into sleepy mode and fall asleep, and to keep my mind off that horrible feeling in the stomach (with creeps up my throat) I decided to start thinking about baby names. Of course, we don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or girl… but it’s fun to think about! I mean… this is the name of your child. They will write it on every art project, paper, or assignment for school, use it on college applications, and job applications, and well…. Everything! It’s kind of a big deal.

I love unique names… maybe not bizarre names, where people name their kids after fruits, or furniture, but just unique names or names less common. However, Stephan is the complete opposite, and prefers more traditional names.

So, let me back up a bit to baby #1’s name. we had our gender revel ultrasound done late in the year, but waited to Christmas morning to open the envelope to find out what it was going to be… boy or girl. Now, I would have put $1000 bucks on boy – boy-o-boy was I wrong. It was clear as day, we were having a little girl! What happened to my motherly instinct? Fifty-fifty chance did not work out that time. Right then and there I knew that little girls name would be Kendall. Hands down, no questions asked… Kendall WAS GOING TO BE HER NAME. Growing up I had a little baby doll whose name was Kendall, and I loved and loved on that baby till I gave her up to the church preschool.  I guess, I secretly wanted my little Kendall back.  Good thing Stephan was on board with the name, because we were keeping it.

Since we had already named her, I had no problem telling people the name. I know some people choose to keep the name a secret till the child is born, and I respect that, but I loved the connection you get and the connection Daddy can make by using a name. I knew my family liked the name, and honestly I really did not care if they did not because it was our baby. So, for all the Mommy-to-be’s out there, don’t let others judge your babies name – ITS YOUR BABY… NOT THEIRS!

So – lucky us, we were having a little girl, because we just could not decide on a boy’s name. I must have come up with 20 names that I likes… all rejected. I have a feeling we are going to go through that again with #2, regardless if it’s a boy or girl. Naturally, Stephan wants a boy, and I want another girl. (It would just be easier because we have tons of little girl stuff already… agree?)

So far the only name that we have both agreed on is James. He likes it as a first name… I’m cool with it being a middle name. James is also a family name for both sides of the family. It is my fathers’ middle name, and about everyone of Stephan’s side of the family first name – from James to Jim to Jimmy. So, I think we will try to incorporate that into the name somehow.

As for now, #2 shall remain nameless. However once the gender is reveled (18 or so weeks) we will be working up a storm on names! Tell then, back to the porcelain throne to deal with all this morning sickness.

1st Ultrasound – 6 Weeks

What in the world is that blurry thing? Totally looks like my baby!

So, obviously we had our first ultra sound today at 6weeks, 4days. Thank goodness only one baby and one healthy baby at that! Everything was going great till the ultrasound nurse found….

Two giant growths on my right ovary!

Naturally, I was worried about the baby, then myself. What are they? How big are they? Is this why it took 8 months to get pregnant? The conclusion is that they (not my normal midwife and her nurse) are not worried about it. They say this happens sometimes in pregnancy, and they the should shrink up.  Yep, I’m not convened by her tone… so I scheduled a follow up with my amazingly awesome midwife who will give it to me straight. She is planning on doing a follow up ultrasound at 14 weeks to check the growths to see if they have gotten smaller, followed by blood-work and the sorts.

So, we will just sit here and wait…. and wait… and wait.

Puke Purgatory: I wish I could have posted more over the last few days, but have been stuck in puke purgatory. You know, that place right between puking and not-puking (where you just sit in the bathroom hoping to get sick so you can move on with your life). Although, not really much easier the first go round – at least I did not have an almost 2 year old fussing, kicking, screaming, and pulling at my legs to pick her up (again – all while pray to the porcelain god).

Due Date: November 11, 2012

Expecting Mama Blogs I like to read:



Mama G:http://www.growingupgeeky.com



Katie: http://www.katiespencilbox.com

Noelle: http://thesemountainsaremine.blogspot.com


We are going to have another baby!

I just went to the midwife today, who confirmed that we are indeed prego… about 5 weeks, and 2 days (but who’s counting)! Everything looked great and we are scheduled to have our first ultra sound next Thursday.

Also, for all those interested my beautiful mid-wife does not approve of being on the WHOLE30, so I’ll have to stop that for now. My update from that is that it was working… I lost about 4.5 pounds since I started and know I would have lost more if I kept with it! I’m still planning on eating very healthy, and keeping up with my high fiber foods!

I’ll also still continue to do Zumba, however I have to purchase some sort of heart monitor to make sure my heart rate does not go over 160. That seams sort of low, but the rule is the rule.

I’m going to change my weekly Thursday “Whole30″ posts to“Baby#2″ posts.

Taken at 3 weeks – no bump (duhh)

All else is great here, thanks for reading!


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